Come and Sing 2013

Saturday 13th April. St Georges Church, Dorchester.

Following an abscence of one year the choir's programme again included a 'Come and Sing'. The day featured workshops in the morning and afternoon preceeding the performance in the early evening.

The two choral works performed included  Faure's Requiem, and Pergolesi's Magnificat.

James Crawshaw, the event's Musical Director, led and guided the ninety-five enthusiastic choralists through the two contrasting works. He said, "The most famous central soprano aria of the Faure Requiem, Pie Jesu, was performed with great dexterity by soloist Lousia Macnair from Milborne St Andrew".

"Of the other solo parts during the day the most notable was that of Bob Todd who took the lead tenor in both pieces of music".

The accompanist and organist for the day was Gerald Hird.






Thanks for a great day. I really enjoyed it! Especially the food! See you next time.   JW

Just to say how much I, and I think probably all the other attendees, enjoyed Saturday. You and everyone at Weatherbury put on a super day.   CM

Thank you for an excellent day. Much hard work and organisation were most evident. All very enjoyable and what a lunch!    AO

It was a brilliant day. Thank you. Since you ask, my only criticism was that when James Crawshaw spoke a lot of the time we could not hear him. But he still managed to coax the best out of us! And I look forward to the next one - thanks.   JD

It was a brilliant day which I thoroughly enjoyed - music, company and food! If you have another, I hope to come to it. Thank you all for your hard work.   GM

Just to say, I much enjoyed the day and would definitely recommend it - excellent conductor, accompanist, repertoire and of course food! Regards.   JW

Thank you for such a warm follow-up to what was for me a delightful day. I was seated next to a very competent sight-reader, which helped us become confident with the music from early in our rehearsal. This meant that there was time to add some nice musical touches and really nail any remaining corners. I have no suggestions for improvements. Let's have more of the same!!! It was nice to see About Face so well supported, with 147 representing the maximum break in snooker and a worthy sum for their cause. Thank you also for your understanding and indeed encouragement for my choice of section. If I said so before - here it is again - you sang your solo well.  RS

Thank you for your e-mail and I was very pleased with how quickly I picked up Pergolesi as it was completely new to me, as it was to some other singers too, I believe. But I am a good sight-reader note wise but took a little while to pick up some of the Latin phrases. Particularly the quicker passages. But, nevertheless I basically got there in the end and found the whole day very exciting and enjoyable. I think this is about the fourth or fifth music workshop I have attended run by Weatherbury Singers and always find them very enjoyable indeed. So thank you for that. Here's to next time. Regards.   GB

Thanks. We had fun.   MH & J

I had intended writing to express my appreciation of the Come & Sing day but did not get around to it before your e-mail arrived. It was a very enjoyable day; the singing, the conducting and, above all, the excellent refreshments made it a real treat and I would certainly be interested in taking part in any similar events in the future. Well done!   FG

Just to say thank you very much! I really enjoyed the whole day, a real feast of music and food (I expected maybe a few sandwiches but it was a culinary delight!). The music was also delicious and the three female soloists in particular were excellent. The whole choir was very welcoming and I look forward to your next Come & Sing. Best wishes and thanks again.   CS-F




To listen to a few of the songs from this performance click on the button below.

Excerpt of Pergolesi Magnificat

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